07 November 2012

Welcome to the Launch of the American Precinct Project

On November 6, the two party system failed us.  We had candidates that most conservatives were not happy with, especially those of us that stand on the Constitution, Liberty, and personal freedoms.  However, many of us swallowed our pride and voted in the hope to at least eliminate the candidate that would be the most destructive to this nation over the next four years.

Unfortunately - he won re-election, and we can only gird ourselves for what is to come.  Now, we must begin to do the serious work to prepare for 2016, and be ready to start purging the system.  The blame reside with the leadership that exists in BOTH parties.  The blame also resides in a citizenry that is not engaging in the process in a productive and meaningful way.

For all of the work the TEA Party groups, the liberty groups, and even the Constitution groups have been doing, all the marches, the rallies, the letter writing, even the petitions and such - none of these things have had a truly meaningful affect upon our elected representatives in Washington.  Over 90% of the incumbents were re-elected.

There has been some progress made in the arena of claiming delegate seats, getting people to conventions that represent a Constitutional mindset.  The Paul folks worked real hard for that in this last round, but when it came down to the State and National conventions, the GOP leadership, the Power Elite, changed up the rules and outright broke them in some circumstances, just to keep these delegates in check.

It does no good to get delegates, when the problem is in the leadership.  It begins at the county level, and grows worse as it climbs.  we need to purge the party leadership, in both the Republican and Democrat parties.  Purge it of all leaders that are left leaning, socialist, marxist.  Purge it of leaders and policies that go against limited government, capitalist markets, and conservative fiscal policies.  We need to purge of all these, and replace them with Constitutionists, with no social agendas.  These leaders will help restore the Law of the Land and adhere it to the candidates being run, and to the policies and laws being presented in Congress.

How do we do that when obviously elections do not work?

It's called the PRECINCT.  The Precinct is vital and central to what we need to do.  Every county political party has a precinct or central committee, of which is comprised of a precinct chair or committee person.  For easy reference, I'll use the term PC.  This committee has at least one PC per district.  This committee chooses the candidates that are selected and elected to the county party leadership.  It approves the list of delegates to conventions, proposes changes in policies and platforms.

We need to start working on organizing our local precincts, get out in the neighborhoods, knocking doors, hold community gatherings, help other precincts to organize, and develop an overall county organization with one focus - to get our Constitutionist members elected to those PC positions.  Once a majority of positions are held on the committee, then the power is within that group to start changing the leadership at the county level.  This must be done in both parties.

Then these county groups need to coordinate with neighboring counties to begin working on replacing committee and leadership people in the district, and then coordinate between districts to take the state.

This will not be easy - and once they are onto what we are attempting to do - they will fight us.  But we must be diligent, we must do the hard work.  And it can all be done right in our own communities.  Just a few hours a month.  Attend the monthly meetings of the party you choose to work within, meet monthly with your county precinct group and precinct team, spend a Saturday walking a couple hours a neighborhood or two to recruit members in your precinct or help other precinct teams.

This website will be a central communications hub - to recruit members and activists, to build communication links between groups across this country, to develop and distribute materials to help you recruit, educate, train, and implement a precinct strategy in your county.  Join the organization HERE (it's free) and if you represent or lead a TEA Party, Liberty, or Constitution activist group - please consider affiliating with the American Precinct Project and work to implement these processes and procedures in your community.  You can register your group HERE.  If there is no such type of group in your county, and you are interested in starting an American Precinct Project in your county, click HERE.