The time has come to realize that unless we take control of the political process, nothing will change. Marches, rallies, fax campaigns, letter campaigns, none of it is really moving our representatives to make decisive changes to move us back to a Constitution principled and obedient elected body.

What we do here will lay the groundwork for TEA Party, Liberty, and Constitution activist groups in counties across the state and nation, with the ultimate goal to take over a majority control of both parties, from local to national, and instill basic Constitutional principles and ethics, conservative fiscal policy, and to demonstrably change the election and selection process so that we have a Congress that abides and bends itself to the Constitution and the will of the People.

We’re not talking about overtaking the delegate process by any means, but to take over the leadership through control of the precinct chairs and thus the precinct committee, enforcing party regulations and bylaws  and using that committee to ensure like minded individuals are in lead roles and delegate roles for conventions. This will be a continuous process done not in haste at the annual precinct masses, but through monthly involvement in the country’s mainstream political parties, through regular outreach within neighborhoods and precincts, through enduring persistence of will.

To Restore the Constitution, We Must Control Congress

To Control Congress, Control Elections.

To Control Elections, Control the Parties.

To Control Parties, Control the Precincts!

There are on average some 40% of precinct chairs sitting empty in states that use the precinct system and primaries.

That’s a huge opening. There’s almost that percentage of counties nationally that have weak to non-existent parties whether it be R or D. We did the numbers – it would take an estimated 275,000 people, strategically organized nationally, to take over majority control of BOTH national parties.

The key is a re-energized and re-focused citizenry. One with no allegiances to either party, just 6 key principles:

1. Restoration of the Constitution
2. Reduction of the Federal Government
3. Removal of Taxation on Personal Income
4. Reducing Federal Deficits
5. Eliminating Unconstitutional Laws, Acts and Departments
6. Restoration of a Constitutional Monetary system

One article recently placed the number of people that identified themselves as supportive of or members of the TEA Party at 41 million. I think we could find at least 275,000 out of that bunch. You would think we could get 1 million to get behind this idea and the actions to do so. It will be easier to get people to act within the Republican party structure initially, and more difficult to get people to work within the Democratic party, having to put up with the liberal garbage until a majority is gained and officers replaced to start changing platforms, policies, and more to a Constitutional footing.